All praise to Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated.

The whole series was really good and hit that magical entertainment spot that got my kid into it and dropped a lot of fun bits for the adult me to chortle at. I really felt like the show developers were winking at me.

The two seasons were really good! They were cohesive and building on each other like a real TV series.

This surprised the hell out of me.

Fun character development finally! Fred and Daphne were so flat in the 70s and now their character arcs were awesome. The whole series arc is great and well thought out. We go from where Scooby Doo started "getting away with it except for those nosy Kids" to an epic cosmic crisis.

All through the series we are given hints and clues that lay out a solid story and builds to the final payoff. The 'Role' of the Mystery Team gets all Moorcockian Archetype like, and I loved it. I also loved the tragic heroine Hotdog Water.

The whole shebang ramps up episode after episode and reveals more and more about who Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred are. We see their moms and dads and watch the kids experience powerful personal tragedies that lead them back to each other.

Not to give away too much, but dang, Fred's life is jacked up - I guess his Trap Fetish is directly related to his abandonment issues.

GOOD STUFF! Full of pop culture references that a 40-year-old dad gets and it still keep the tot engaged.

Also the Art Direction is Bad Ass! The character designs have that wonderful callback to the 70s but with modern flair. The color work is astounding- in almost every scene the character hues change with the locations and situations- that's a lot to spec out in a cartoon. Then there's the lighting and reserved CGI that really show that the creative team cared a lot about the show. Not at all like the crappy cheap cranked out Hanna Barbera schlock from the 70s.
Ooh! And then there’s the Johnny Quest and Captain Caveman cross overs!

Netflix that STAT!


I love art history. This 3 pager is the result of my "Art of the Middle Ages Unit. I gotta say this is a fun way to remember my notes. I hope it's rewarding to look at. 
My take away on the Romanesque is that a lot of Chunky California Art Deco Architecture owes something to this Olde Style.